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Pittsburgh N'@

Yinz keep bloggin'.

From mckeesport.dementia.org/blog/:

It looks like McKeesport is finally getting a coffeehouse, which means that trend is well and truly dead. (Rimshot.)

City administrator Dennis Pittman told the Post-Gazette that a chain coffeehouse is expected to locate in the 11th Ward, next to the new Rite Aid drugstore that will soon be open on the old Reliance Steel Co. site along Walnut Street. (Alert Richard Florida --- we're joining the creative class!) An Aldi supermarket is also to be built.

I'm no fan of fancy, overpriced coffee, but a Starbucks or Caribou would at least provide some indication to the outside world that we're not a bunch of savages out here.

Now, would it be too much to ask for a bookstore? How about a Half Price Books? After all, it offers two things that we in the Mon Valley love (looking at other people's junk and saving money) but it also offers some intellectual stimulation to boot --- and that ain't a bad thing.

That's not the same kind of stimulation that you used to find in Brick Alley, but on the other hand, you don't need penicillin afterwards, either.

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