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Yinz keep bloggin'.

From http://pittsburghdish.typepad.com/:

Port Authority opens Prince Albert can of worms.

In response to the impending tangled web that is to become Pittsburgh's transit system, the Port Authority has set up a hotline for the public to comment on proposed fare hikes and service snafus ... (412) 566-5335 ... It asks that irked and disgruntled customers NOT call Port Authority Customer Service (412) 442-2000. Comments will also be accepted on their Web site www.portauthority.org.

In an effort to ease the pain of PAT office employees (hey it's not their fault) having to listen to endless crank calls, Dish asks that you alleviate your frustration by leaving your gripes on Dish. We'll get you started:

Is your refrigerator running? Good because half the buses aren't.

From http://angrydrunkbureaucrat.blogspot.com/:

About time to role out another one of these here Rules of Bureaucracy:

Rule #25: Never voluntarily relinquish control of an original document.

If you give a document to someone, they will invariably lose it.

Always. These people can't be trusted with dressing themselves in the morning, let alone remembering where they put an original signed copy of an Ordinance correcting and amending Title Four, Article I, Chapter 416, section 416.02 of the Pittsburgh Code of Ordinances to set forth certain permit fees for temporary barricades and for repair or reconstruction of sidewalks.

My filing cabinet has a deadbolt and armed guard. I also keep a file labeled "Original Documents (Not Fakes)" in order to confuse would be thieves. The real documents are hidden in a top-secret cave in West Virginia with the original copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Dick Clark. Be warned: Trespassers will be mauled by rabid ninja ferrets. I take the protection of my original documents very seriously.

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