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From: 7inchslam.blogspot.com

It happens for different folks at different ages. Some folks were lucky and got in at age 13, some people are late bloomers and it didn't happen until 17 or 18, but once it happens, your life is changed. After you experience it once you want it more and more until you end up doing it every day.

I'm not talking about when you lost your virginity, that happened about two years after you started bragging to your friends that you lost your virginity. I'm talking about when some older and much cooler kid turned you on to punk rock.

When my little sister announced that she was coming over to watch Steelers with us, it was time for kick-ass burritos and punk-rock indoctrination. We started with tortilla chips with both salsa and queso sauce to get us through the first half of the [Steelers] game. By halftime we had started cooking refried beans in one pot, black beans in another, and Morningstar crumbles in the frying pan. We threw in some onions and garlic into the fake meat, then seasoned it with chili powder and cumin. After everything was heated up and the lettuce and tomato were on the cutting board, we had fairly healthful burritos lined up for the second half of the game. Then we went all out and topped our burritos with sour cream and queso sauce, which ruined any nutritional benefits that we previously had going for us.

... we've discussed how perfect it would be to pair burritos with Los Crudos. If you want to be one of those cool older kids that indoctrinates the youngsters to like everything that you like, you aren't gonna start with Crudos. You should start with the Rip Offs. Giant burritos and the Rip Offs are one hell of a way to get into punk rock.


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