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Pittsburgh music community rallies after Nathan Zoob's car is robbed

Over $1,000 worth of equipment was stolen

click to enlarge Zoob's handmade Klon Clone - PHOTO FROM NATHAN ZOOB'S FACEBOOK POST
Photo from Nathan Zoob's Facebook post
Zoob's handmade Klon Clone

Tuesday night in Lawrenceville, someone broke into local folk/rock staple Nathan Zoob’s car. The culprit took over $1,000 worth of equipment, including a Klon Clone Zoob recently built himself.

“Honestly it’s the worst feeling," says Zoob. "This feeling of having been violated. That my car has been entered. I’m not in an impossible professional situation, I can still work. It’s just a lot of money out and a pretty disquieting feeling."

Zoob is asking Pittsburghers to be on the lookout – eBay, Craigslist, pawn shops – for the following items in case the person decides to sell the stolen gear.

Mosfet Fulldrive 2 (blue) (serial number 39882)
Earthquaker Hoof (gold) (#5326)
Maxon Ad-10 Delay (pink) (serial number 131ADX050)
Strymon Blue Sky (blue)
Ernie Ball VP Jr Volume Pedal (silver/black)
Small Pedaltrain Board (with bag)
Voodoo Pedal Power 2 (attached to board)

After two days, Zoob's Facebook post has almost 500 shares.

"I’ve been so blown away by the amount of support this has received," says Zoob. "[There have been] people that have offered to lend me gear, or just to give me gear outright. Businesses have said they can sell me replacements at cost. Everybody has sort of rallied around and shared the details and made phone calls. When I put [the Facebook post] up, it was just with the expectation that some people would share it, and maybe the right person would see it and that would help, but it’s just been this incredibly swift and robust response that I’m so touched by.”

Zoob is known for his active role in the Pittsburgh music scene. Along with performing as a solo artist, Zoob is the guitarist in pop-rock group Wreck Loose, and has been the musical director for WYEP’s Holiday Hootenanny for the past five years.

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