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Pittsburgh Mask Maker Spotlight: Daniel Gurwin

click to enlarge PHOTO: PUBLIC PRINT HOUSE
Photo: Public Print House
Name: Daniel Gurwin
Business: Daniel Gurwin Design
Instagram: @danielgurwin
Neighborhood: Lawrenceville

What led you to create the mask designs?
I had been collaborating with Public Print House, a partner in the effort, to initially print posters. Jewels [Despines] from Public Print House reached out about helping to print posters I had designed. He was printing masks for other local businesses at the time and had the idea to put one of the poster designs on a pair of masks. Credit to Jewels for the idea!

The message on these face covers is inspired by original hand-lettered placards used at the March on Washington in 1963. Hundreds of these posters were designed and distributed at the march. One of the last surviving signs of this kind is on display in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

This article expresses a sentiment we felt when creating these masks — that a message from 1963, a plea for change and justice, can remain just as relevant in the cries of today’s protests is a painful reminder of how slow progress comes, and how much suffering happens in the meantime.

As a graphic designer, what considerations did you make when developing the wearable designs?
The idea behind these masks is pretty simple, instead of a blank space over the wearer’s mouth, there’s a message being shouted out. A way to not be silent.

How and by who are the masks produced?
The masks are screen printed by Public Print House as I mentioned. They’re printed with 3M reflective ink for hi-visibility at night on multi-ply 100% cotton face coverings. The materials costs have been covered by donations, so we’ve been able to donate the entirety of the proceeds to SisTers PGH and Steel Smiling.

Can people purchase your masks, and if so, where?
Two-packs of masks can be purchased directly through Public Print House’s online shop.

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