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Pittsburgh is not lacking Thanksgiving-style dishes

The Gobblerito is the O.G., but other options abound

There was a time when the day after Thanksgiving wasn’t known for parking-lot brawls and consumer stampedes, but rather, turkey sandwiches. Whatever leftovers survived the night were assembled on toasted bread, hit with some mayo and enjoyed on a cozy, lazy day off. 

Things have changed. Black Friday starts on Thursday now. There’s a Cyber Monday. Youths are staging Friendsgivings (and inspiring thinkpieces: “Are millennials killing Thanksgiving?”). 

But, in an important modern development, there are Thanksgiving burritos. 

Locally, the O.G. is Mad Mex’s seasonal “Gobblerito,” a heap of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and corn, stuffed in a tortilla, then slathered with gravy and served with cranberry sauce. 

“You know, it’s really not half bad, in a hilarious sort of trashy way,” reads one consumer review on Mad Mex’s website. If that sounds like your sort of thing, get Gobblerito-ing soon because the season ends Thanksgiving eve. 

You get a few extra days to get your hands on Steel Cactus’ rendition, available until Dec. 1. “The Bird” features more traditional Mexican flavors, with cranberry guac and gravy queso, though otherwise it’s more or less the same idea: holiday leftovers in a wrap. 

Giant Eagle’s grab-and-go fast-food outlet/gas station getGo offers “The Pilgrim.” This is a sandwich featuring the supermarket’s “secret-recipe stuffing” bread, white cheddar and all the expected fixin’s. 

Meanwhile, the local gourmet-hamburger joint BRGR is toting the “Gobble Gobble” — a turkey burger, with sage stuffing, pickled green beans, cranberry aioli and turkey gravy. 

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. So many options. So much to be thankful for.

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