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Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

The 18th annual Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival continues through Sun., Oct. 26. Films and videos screen at the Harris Theater, Downtown; 103 Margaret Morrison, Carnegie Mellon University campus, Oakland; and the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater, East Liberty. Tickets are $7.50 for single admissions. Discount passes are available, including: the Cheap Thrills Pass ($42 for six admissions); the Screen Queen Pass ($65 for 10 admissions); and the Diva Pass ($100 for admission to all festival events). Contact 412-232-3277 or www.pilgff.org for more information.

Here is the screening schedule for the rest of the festival:

Wed., Oct. 22
7 p.m. WALKING ON WATER. An evening of men's films opens with this dramatic film from Australian director Tony Ayres, about two friends tending their buddy who is terminally ill with AIDS. When various friends and family turn up to say farewell, complications ensue. Harris

9:30 p.m. SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT. In this comedic drama, Jacob loves Jorgen, and they can't wait to get married -- until Jacob starts an affair with Jorgen's sister Caroline. In Danish with subtitles. Harris

Thu., Oct. 23
7 p.m. WAVE BABES. An evening of women's films begins with this silly send-up of 1960s beach movies (and last summer's surfer-chick hit Blue Crush). Three 40-ish gals -- one married, one newly single and the third very actively lesbian -- reunite for one weekend at their old beach haunt. Mix an ex-husband, a trophy wife, a pothead beach bum and a hunky but dumb-as-rocks houseboy with an ample supply of margaritas, and watch the romantic hijinks and bitch-fests begin! Screens with Dyke City, a humorous short. Harris


9:30 p.m. DO I LOVE YOU? Director Lisa Gornick stars as Marina, a young London lesbian who's entertaining a mild identity crisis. Is her current lover, Romy, the one? What about all her exes who are still in her life? Perhaps bed-hopping is the answer -- all her pals are doing it. Maybe she should try a man. In this light, but thoughtful, comedy, Marina pedals about London, querying friends, family and colleagues about what it means to be sexual and faithful in today's post-gender times -- and whether she should say anything about the dreadful couch her girlfriend has brought home. Harris

Fri., Oct. 24
8 p.m. REEL QUEER. A program of shorts with an emphasis on youth themes. Free to under 21. To be screened by video projection. Room 103, Margaret Morrison Building

8 p.m. LEAVING METROPOLIS. (See review.) Kelly-Strayhorn

Sat., Oct. 25
6 p.m. THE GIFT. This provocative 2002 documentary from Louise Hogarth explores the ongoing tensions in gay culture after two decades of awareness and education about HIV and AIDS between "gifters," HIV-infected men who purposefully engage in unprotected sex, "bug chasers," men who seek to become infected, and those who struggle to prevent and contain the disease. To be screened by video projection. Kelly-Strayhorn

8 p.m. RADICAL HARMONIES. Three decades of women's music festivals are celebrated in Dee Mosbacher's documentary, which features interviews and performances from early pioneers, such as Holly Near and Cris Williamson, to today's edgier artists, including Ani DiFranco and Bitch & Animal. The Renaissance City Women's Choir and the Renaissance Wimmins Drumming Circle will perform live before the film. To be screened by video projection. Kelly-Strayhorn

Sun., Oct. 26
1 p.m. BROTHER OUTSIDER. Bayard Rustin was a gay black civil-rights activist who worked alongside Dr. Martin Luther King. Using interviews and archival footage, this documentary from Nancy Kates and Bennett Singer explores Rustin's lifelong activism, which mirrored many great human rights struggles of the 20th century. A symposium moderated by the Thomas Merton center follows the screening. To be screened by video projection. Kelly-Strayhorn

5 p.m. TIPPING THE VELVET. Catch the uncensored version of the campy BBC mini-series about Victorian-era lesbians, on and off the music-hall stage. Free. To be screened by video projection. Kelly-Strayhorn

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