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Pittsburgh hip-hop artist Sean Ski pays tribute to The Sopranos with "Juiced Up"

click to enlarge Pittsburgh hip-hop artist Sean Ski pays tribute to The Sopranos with "Juiced Up"
Courtesy of Sean Ski
Artwork for "Juiced Up" by Sean Ski and Chris Webby
When Pittsburgh-based hip-hop artist Sean Ski began to rewatch one of his favorite shows, The Sopranos, during the pandemic, he was surprised at how many others were revisiting the HBO hit, which ended in 2007.

“It’s always had such a huge following, but it definitely made a comeback worldwide during the pandemic,” Ski says. “Nowadays, instead of coming home and throwing on SportsCenter like I did growing up, I’ll throw on a random episode or two of The Sopranos. I can never get enough of the show no matter how many times I view it in its entirety.”

The realization moved Ski to write "Juiced Up," a tribute song to the multi-award-winning series about organized crime and therapy.

A scene between two of the main characters, Tony and Carmela Soprano, involving Tropicana orange juice is one of Ski’s favorite scenes in the show, and it inspired him to write a chorus about it. After finding production and a hook, he composed the verses for the song.
Ski says he wanted to recruit another big Sopranos fan to feature on the song and had recently discovered Chris Webby’s love for the show.

“Working with him was seamless," says Ski. "He’s an incredible lyricist. He knew exactly what I was looking for and really delivered.”

The song is directly aimed at Sopranos superfans like Ski and Webby and includes samples of dialogue from Tony, played by late actor James Gandolfini.

“I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make direct references for the core fanbase of The Sopranos along with having a video I would edit with all of the show clips, matching the lyrics,” Ski says.

This is the first time Ski has written a song based on a television show and was excited at the chance to show his versatility with the release of "Juiced Up."

“I feel like [diehard fans] are the only ones who would catch some of the metaphors being used as opposed to the average viewer,” Ski says. “You obviously can enjoy this song too without any knowledge of the show, but if you’re an adult and of age then I hope this song encourages you to go start the show. If it were just some mob series, I would personally have no interest. It’s the relatability in it with the constant stresses and ups and downs of day-to-day life with family, love, and laughter that I feel we can all connect with on some level or another.”

"Juiced Up" is now available to stream on Spotify and other music platforms, and the unofficial video, which Ski says is a "must-watch" for Sopranos fans, is on YouTube.