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Pittsburgh gift ideas for smokers and tokers

click to enlarge “Jurassic Spark” Grinder
“Jurassic Spark” Grinder
Pennsylvanians can still technically get jammed up for owning paraphernalia related to marijuana use, but it’s not always heavily enforced, especially in Allegheny County. (Read more about enforcement in our story “Marijuana Misdemeanors.”) And Pennsylvania medical marijuana users are technically not allowed to smoke the dry leaf they order, either; legally, it’s available for vaporization only. With that in mind, use the following gift guide recommendations at your own discretion. But also remember that purchasing CBD flower is legal and can also be smoked, and glass pipes make pretty artwork too. ;)

“Jurassic Spark” Grinder
This limited-edition, 4-piece wooden grinder, including a pollen catcher, features artwork by Pittsburgh Instagram artist @singlespirit.art. Curated Flame, 505 Grant Ave., Millvale. curatedflamepgh.com

“The Food has Weed in It” Oven Mitt
You don’t have to smoke pot to enjoy it. This oven mitt is perfect for your favorite cannabis chef. Kards Unlimited. 5522 Walnut St., Shadyside. kardsunlimited.com

Rachel Waterpipe
This super cute pink porcelain bud vase is living a double life as both a vessel of beautiful paper rosebuds and the dantiest bong we’ve ever seen. Hippie & French. 5122 Butler St., Lawrenceville. hippieandfrench.com

Home is Where the Weed is Keychain
Home is where the weed should be, whether you’re a recreational or medical user. And if you have a medical marijuana card, don’t forget to keep your product sealed in the original packaging when transporting. Carry this rad retro keychain as a reminder! Wildcard, 4209 Butler St., Lawrenceville. wildcardpgh.com

I Might Be High mug
High on life? High on caffeine? Or is this 16 oz. mug, perhaps, the perfect gift to give to a friend who just got their medical marijuana card? The Andy Warhol Museum Shop. stores.carnegiemuseums.org

“Football” Glass Pipe
Etsy artist GlassArtPa has labeled their black-and-gold glass creation as a “Football” pipe, but considering it’s spring, they’d have been more apt to have called it a “Baseball” pipe, as Pirates fans will be more in need of anxiety medication than any other sports fans in the coming months. etsy.com/shop/GlassArtPa

click to enlarge Sour G CBG Flower from Penn's Choice (left), CBD Hemp Flower from Total Peace and Wellness (right)
Sour G CBG Flower from Penn's Choice (left), CBD Hemp Flower from Total Peace and Wellness (right)
Don’t have your medical marijuana card yet, and don’t want to try the illegal stuff? Here are two local spots where you can legally order THC-free dry flower:
Sour G CBG Flower
“The Champagne of Cannabis,” a sativa-dominant hybrid, Pa.-grown hemp flower. Comes in a .25 oz. bag. pennschoice.com

CBD Hemp Flower
This CBD hemp strain is meant to provide a “chill factor.” Comes in a 3.5 gram jar. Total Peace and Wellness. 4213 Butler St., Lawrenceville. totalpeaceandwellnesscbd.com

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