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Pittsburgh Dad launches Kickstarter to fund sequel to Street Light Stories

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Photo: Pittsburgh Dad
If you've ever dreamed of spending $1,000 to eat a Primanti Bros sandwich with Pittsburgh Dad, now's your chance. Pittsburgh Dad star Curt Wootton and his creative partner Chris Preksta have launched a Kickstarter to fund Street Light Stories: Part II, a follow-up to their 2017 short film Street Light Stories. The original film and its sequel follow a suburban Pittsburgh family in the '80s. Rewards for donating to the Kickstarter include a meal at Primanti's with Wootton, an autographed script, and tickets to the premier.

On July 29, Wootton and Preksta launched the Kickstarter with a goal of $10,000 and an end date of Aug. 13. On July 30, their donations have already surpassed the total goal.

The concept for Street Light Stories was derived from "everyone who grew up knowing that it was time to come home when the street lights turned on." The first short film featured Pittsburgh Dad yelling, of course, at his kids to come inside as it gets dark. It's a snapshot into the family's evening: mom Deb makes "city chicken," dad insists there's butter left in the carton when it's clearly empty, and teen daughter Mandy tries to go on a date to the mall.

"From the moment Street Light Stories was released, both of us, and hundreds of thousands of viewers, immediately wanted to see more," said Preksta in the Kickstarter video. "We wanted to make more before we even released it."

All of the funds raised will go toward funding local cast and crews, as well as furnishing the film with '80s props, costumes, and decor. The project is expected to begin filming in August 2019. 

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