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Pittsburgh City Paper Booze Battles: Stack’d Burgers & Beers vs. Buford’s Kitchen

Spiked Milkshakes

CP photos by Celine Roberts
CP photos by Celine Roberts

Each week, we order the same cocktail at two different bars for a friendly head-to-head battle. Go to the bars, taste them both and tell us what you like about each by tagging @pghcitypaper on Twitter or Instagram and using #CPBoozeBattles. If you want to be a part of Booze Battles, send an email to food-and-beverage writer Celine Roberts, at celine@pghcitypaper.com.

The Drink: Boozy Milkshakes

Stack’d Burgers & Beers

728 Copeland Ave., Shadyside

Drink: Kentucky Caramel

Ingredients: Bulleit bourbon, vanilla ice cream, caramel syrup, sea salt, whipped cream

Our take: This milkshake has a defined boozy kick and definitely leans more into the liquor component than the ice cream. The flavors are all pronounced and definable; the caramel’s sweetness is balanced by the heat of the bourbon and the mellow notes of vanilla. Give it a stir though — the bourbon sinks to the bottom!


Buford’s Kitchen

1014 Fifth Ave., Uptown

Drink: Hot Little Devil

Ingredients: Fireball cinnamon whiskey, vanilla ice cream, devil’s food cake, cayenne, whipped cream

Our take: More creamy than hot, this shake melds liquor and ice cream into a satisfying treat. The creaminess of the ice cream is complemented by added texture from pieces of devil’s food cake. The cayenne is there for show, but the cinnamon flavors of the fireball shine through to give a slight kick. The whipped cream is a bonus to the overall decadence.

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