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Pittsburgh-based tech company Deeplocal requiring employees to be vaccinated

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Deeplocal's office
Deeplocal, a creative technology and design company based in Sharpsburg, recently announced that all of their employees are required to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, and they will extend their flexible work policies.

Deeplocal’s employees must be vaccinated by October 2021 giving the team a two-month period to prepare for and schedule their vaccinations.

All employees at Deeplocal, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, are required to wear masks inside their office. Vaccination requirements and mask mandates are becoming more common at local businesses as COVID cases in Allegheny County rise once again.

“COVID-19 vaccine requirements will ensure that our employees have the flexibility to travel as our business necessitates, and that we are doing our part to provide a safe environment for all employees, clients, and partners who come into our office and production facility,” says Heather Martin, Chief People Officer of Deeplocal, in a press release.

As for new work policies, Deeplocal will include the option for employees to work remotely, as well as have paid compassionate leave, paid sick time that does not affect PTO, and a paid holiday benefit.

“We’re evolving our conception of the office at large; it will become a space dedicated to collaborative work, socialization, and creative inspiration,” says Martin. “The days of being required to sit behind a desk from 9-5 are gone.”

More businesses across the United States are extending their remote options for employees even after vaccinations became available. CNBC reported from a Mercer study in May that 70% of companies say a mix of in-person and remote work schedules will become the new normal.

Deeplocal works with various well-known clients including Netflix, Google, Twitter, and Facebook. The company hopes to set an example for other Pittsburgh businesses to implement vaccination requirements and extend flexible working policies for their workplaces.