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Pittsburgh-based netlabel Bleepsequence celebrates fifty (-one) releases

“My main goal with the label was to foster as much creativity and collaboration as I could.”

The music released by Bleepsequence, the online-only label founded by Pittsburgh-based Kevin Lind, ranges from glitch and IDM to found-sound and genres that don’t quite have names yet. One release from 2012 is built from an audio-book of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. The albums cover a lot of ground, but they’re all products rooted deeply in online collaboration — and they’re all free (with a donation option). 

Bleepsequence grew out of Lind’s interest in nonprofit online-only labels (“netlabels”) in the early 2000s. After years as a DJ working primarily with vinyl, Lind started to recognize the breadth of material available online via Creative Commons licensing, in which an artist allows his or her copyrighted content to be shared, manipulated and distributed for free. There was a lot to root through, some of it pretty rough, but it changed things for Lind.

“It opened up all this fresh and experimental sound to me,” says Lind, who releases music as Revy. “Without the restraints of trying to break even on a physical release, artists could take more risks, resulting in an uncompromising sound.”

Since debuting in 2010, Bleepsequence has released 51 albums from more than 100 electronic musicians and visual artists around the world, ranging from Argentina to Iceland (fewer than 10 are local). Lind’s process for putting together a release is fairly straightforward: He finds music he likes, reaches out to the people who make it, and always listens to what people send. 

“My main goal with the label was to foster as much creativity and collaboration as I could,” says Lind. “And also contribute back to the netlabel scene which had been such a big influence on my work.”

The latest from Bleepsequence is Cryostasis, by Untethered, a project from Lind and Pittsburgh-based artist Vasculator, released earlier this month. The EP is culled from over two years of improvised collaboration and serves pretty well as an intro to the label’s uninhibited personality.

“We never plan anything out ahead of time. It’s a purely reactive and experimental environment during every session,” says Lind.

Cryostasis and the rest of the catalogue are available at bleepsequence.com, for free.

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