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The Nightmare That Is the G-20 Summit 

This is the week where the city of Pittsburgh will be hosting the G-20 summit. I am basically uneducated about the event, but I know that the general idea is that world leaders of the 20 largest economies are going to meet for two days, lots of people are going to protest, and lots of streets and businesses are going to be closed.

My workplace, unfortunately, will not be closed ... I am not good at crisis management -- as I wrote just the other day, I can barely keep it together when my dog is having a crisis, let alone a large group of people ...

... Everyone here seems to be preparing for the worst, except for me. Call me reactive, but I like to hope for the best and if the worst happens, then I'll deal with it at the time. All of the planning and media attention only draws more attention to the matter and creates a greater sense of panic, which we really don't need right now ... 

That said, the G-20 has been a nightmare from the beginning, but now that nightmare is becoming a reality. I've already been warned that I might not get to go home, that I should bring an air-mattress and keep it in my car just in case ... After 12-hour days, I am NOT interested in sleeping on an air mattress in my office. Wish me luck ... 

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