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Philadelphyinz reps the ’Burgh with brotherly love

Pittsburgh expatriates Michael "Apt One" Fichman and Andrew "Skinny" Friedman are composing a tale of two cities with their DJ/production team Philadelphyinz. Though they both now live elsewhere -- Fichman resides in Philadelphia and Friedman in Brooklyn -- their name, style and soul leave no question about where they consider home. Yinz get it? Still, they want to make it known that their aim is true.

"We're not just using it as a stupid gimmick. We didn't just jack the lingo and jack the logo. We actually live the city even though we're not there," says Friedman. "Even though we're not there physically, we're there spiritually."

They sport Pirates hats at gigs, credit Kordell Stewart on their MySpace page, and their remix of the classic local sports anthem "Here We Go" (which they dubbed "Pittsburgh Sports Anthem") has turned into an underground party hit, even making its way onto some mainstream radio stations during football season. Currently, they're busy with remixes for local rapper Wiz Khalifa.

For the Philadelphyinz, DJing and producing naturally went hand in hand. Since Fichman and Friedman both grew up within walking distance of Jerry's Records in Squirrel Hill, collecting vinyl was an early hobby. Both played in bands and experimented with mixing and making beats while at Allderdice High School. Leaving Pittsburgh for college, the two continued to hone their mixing craft and expanded their musical collections and tastes via DJing at their college radio stations or promoting hip-hop shows.

Fichman credits Philadelphia DJ crew Hollertronix for being an act that recently revolutionized DJing by playing eclectic sets and "making the party, the name of the party and the experience of the party bigger than themselves." He liked the crew's style of combining all genres and eras of music into one main event, and soon found himself following suit. In 2005, he started DJing at Philly's Khyber club, and named the night "Philadelphyinz." Friedman made guest appearances. Soon, the two moved their monthly gig to another venue, and added another regular night at the Lucky Cat, in Brooklyn. Now they're embarking on their first official tour. 

At a typical gig, you're likely to hear everything from Baltimore club music to dirty-South hip hop to 1970s European disco, not to mention some classic dance songs mixed with contemporary tunes. The Philadelphyinz represent a combination of the sound of two different cities with two very different personalities and styles, and two DJs who can play off those differences and get you to dance. 


Philadelphyinz with DJs Edgar Um and Howlermonkey. 9 p.m. Sat., April 26. Remedy, 5121 Butler St., Lawrenceville. $4. 412-781-6771 

click to enlarge Yinz gettin' a beatdahn: Philadelphyinz
Yinz gettin' a beatdahn: Philadelphyinz

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