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Phase 7

During an apocalyptic crisis, people go loco, as usual

In this Argentine horror thriller from Nicolas Goldbart, a man and his pregnant wife hole up in an apartment during a quarantine while some exotic virus is wiping people out world-wide. The pair settle in -- they watch TV, play cards, bicker -- but inevitably, what's left of the world intrudes. In this case, that means neighbors in their apartment building, who, as is wont to happen in such extreme situations, turn variously self-serving, aggressive and downright feral. Goldbart's film is compact, with just a few characters and all the action confined to the building, but he makes the most of it, delivering a cautionary tale about survival. And if Phase 7's themes aren't exactly new, at least they are leavened with dark humor and a twist or two.  In Spanish, with subtitles. AMC Loews

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