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Pet Issue

Here at City Paper, we love your pets. How much? Enough to dedicate this issue to all animals and the humans who love them.

Kato and Freya with Hitomi and Yoshiko
Kato and Freya with Hitomi and Yoshiko

Maybe the stars were aligning just right; or maybe it was a miracle by St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals; or maybe it was just dumb luck that our Pet Issue fell in the same week that the furries hit town. Whatever the reason, it got us thinking; do furries have pets? We assume they love animals, but do they share their homes with four-legged friends? Do they interact with them while in their costumes? We asked these questions of some local furries. In addition, we went to Pup Night at PNC Park, did yoga with kittens and met a man whose passion is birds. Check out these stories and a whole lot more by clicking the links below.

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