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Pennsylvania House GOP lawmaker proposes Santa tax credit

Santa Claus already has free labor, global air space access, and near unlimited milk and cookies. But now, a Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to give him one more perk.

State Rep. Jonathan Fritz (R-Wayne) circulated a memo on Dec. 7 asking his colleagues to support his proposal to provide “a modest tax credit for those hiring Santas or Santas working on their own to help offset Santa-related costs.”

The exact scope of the credit is unclear; the accompanying memo did not get into specifics, and exact legislation has not yet been introduced.

But citing the Wall Street Journal, Fritz wrote that the supply of people willing to portray Santa was low.

“As we look to get as many Pennsylvanians back to work as possible to recover from the economic effects of government-induced shutdowns, we should not forget the holiday season shortage of Santas currently facing us,” Fritz said.

“A small, limited Santa tax credit would have a minimal impact on revenues and could lead to increased economic activity as those seeking out Santa-related events will make purchases at small businesses across Pennsylvania” he continued. “It could also go a long way in restoring the holiday spirit at a time when we need it the most.”

But getting the bill through the General Assembly in time for Christmas could take a miracle.

The state constitution requires that bills cannot pass without spending at least three separate days before the state House and Senate, and there are just three session days scheduled before Christmas.

Stephen Caruso is a reporter at the Pennsylvania Capital-Star, where this story first appeared.

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