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Pelican Dreams

A new doc looks at the California brown pelican, and finds a cool bird

Filmmaker Judy Irving, who had a hit in 2003 with The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, turns her lens to another bird, the California brown pelican. Her doc follows the rehabilitation of a young female bird, rescued from the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as that of another injured pelican that now lives as a semi-domesticated bird. These personal tales are interwoven with more general information about the life, habits and trials of pelicans, birds whose remarkable abilities are often overshadowed by their goofy appearance. (I'm guilty: I grew up around these pelicans and considered them funny-shaped seagulls.) Despite forays into environmental issues and interviews with naturalists, the film feels longer than its subject warrants. But here's your chance to give these oft-ignored seabirds their due.

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