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Over Her Dead Body

A love triangle, touched by angel!

OK, maybe not quite an angel, but it's fair to say one party is from the Great Beyond. After his fiancée dies micro-managing their wedding, a snappy vet (Paul Rudd) tries to move on with a cheery caterer/psychic (Lake Bell). But the ghostly fiancée (Eva Longoria) has set her considerable talents for being annoying on busting up the nascent romance. There are the seeds of a cute rom-com between Rudd and Bell, but the fizz just dies whenever Longoria pops up like a latter-day Eudora. Her character is so unlikable you gotta wonder how she even made it to upper-deck of the afterlife, except perhaps that the clothing suits her: Longoria is steam-pressed into a selection of skintight off-white cocktail dresses. Mostly, Jeff Lowell's comedy is a tired retread of the comically interfering spook; you might as well stay home and rent Topper, Blithe Spirit, or even Ghost, which has more unintentional laughs than this wan affair. Starts Fri., Feb. 1.[capsule review]


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