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Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Pennsylvania - 5 Best Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Start living your best life with full-spectrum CBD tincture oil

I know that there are never ending road projects all across the country but  seriously I don’t think it could be any worse than our Pennsylvania roads. It seems like around every bend and turn there is another backup for construction. That is one of my necessities for daily CBD dosage. The stress of a normal 15-minute drive now taking 30-40 minutes used to stress me out to no end. I now order my full spectrum CBD oil 3000mg on an auto-shipment. Thankfully stress levels are down, and I can just cruise through my day without a worry.

I am focusing on how to buy CBD oil full spectrum today, as I think it is one of the most important CBD items to add to your daily routine. What makes something full spectrum and why do you want it? Full spectrum is when they use all of the elements in the hemp plant. There are many beneficial parts, and when those are combined you get something called the “entourage effect.” This is when a group of the cannabinoids work together to increase the benefits from the plant. The blending of the different cannabinoids allows them to give increased results. The only downside is the presence of trace amounts of THC. You will still be within the legal limit but might be detected in a test.

Below you will find a listing of some of my favorite CBD online stores that carry the best full spectrum CBD oil, as well as answers to some of your most popular questions regarding hemp oil.

1. Just CBD Full-Spectrum Tincture Oil

Manufactured: United States Lab
Certificates: Available online
Price: $24.99 for 250 mg, 1 oz bottle
Pros: Largest CBD collection I have found online
Cons: Some of their popular limited items sell out quickly.

South Florida based JustCBD has been bringing relaxation and stress relief to the masses for over five years now with their full-spectrum CBD tincture. Their high-quality grade CBD oil is even kosher grade for those in Pennsylvania who are in need. Just one 1 ml from the dropper will have you relaxed and ready to unwind in no time. It is always best for you to take the oil sublingually. For those who are just starting, that means place the oil under your tongue for quicker absorption into the body. Just CBD’s full spectrum offering comes in eight different potencies per bottle. The 50mg – 1500 mg comes in a 1mL bottle and the 3,000 and 5,000 mg CBD comes in a 60 mL bottle. Even better news, when you shop at Just CBD and use an auto ship, you will receive a 30% discount on your order. The best quality CBD and discounts. This is why I ranked Just CBD first in my list.

This online CBD store also stocks one of the largest selections of additional CBD products. From the top CBD Gummies and dog treats to bath bombs and creams they are truly a one stop show of all of your cannabidiol basics, including full spectrum tincture oil 1000mg.

2. SW Distro

Manufactured: United States Lab
Certificates: Available online
Price: $34.99 for 300mg, 1 oz bottle
Pros: Full ingredient list for each product on website
Cons: Feels like a warehouse and not directed to consumers

SW Distro which stands for Specialty Wholesale Distribution was founded back in 2017 and is based outside of Tampa, FL. Not only do they sell but they also produce their own Full Spectrum line of hemp derived goodness. Currently the company offers three different items in the full spectrum line. For starters, Avid Hemp Full Spectrum Oil comes in three flavors, mint, peach and unflavored. The tincture oil is also available in the five different strengths 300mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1,500mg, 3,000mg and 5,000mg. Another CBD full spectrum oil option is their 16oz 1000mg Avid Hemp Keto Diet Oil. This product is specially designed for those who are partaking in the Keto Diet lifestyle. Using their serving suggestions, one dose from the bottle will give you 14 grams of healthy fats along with 33mg of full spectrum hemp extract. This can be mixed with any of your meal options (food or beverage) but they suggest not to cook it too hot, so you don’t damage the CBD contents. The third full spectrum option is the Avid Hemp Full Spectrum Capsules. The CBD is made from whole plant hemp extract and comes in three sizes, 15ct / 300mg, 30ct / 600mg and 60ct / 1200mg.

3. The Brothers Apothecary

Manufactured: United States
Lab Certificates: Available online
Price: $60 for 33.4mg, 1 oz bottle
Pros: Specific formulas for what ails you
Cons: Premium prices

The Brothers Apothecary certainly stands out as a very unique brand. The full spectrum CBD oil for sale at this site is certainly more of a fancy offering. Each oil offers a specialty mixture. The Stomach Soother is made with blended MCT oil and peppermint. It contains 1000mg of hemp-derived CBD. Another CBD tincture option is Dragon’s Lair. This full spectrum hemp oil is blended with MCT oil and designed to promote restfulness. The Brothers Apothecary’s third oil is full spectrum CBD oil for dogs. Titled Calming K9, this aid to our best furry friends contains a unique mixture of full spectrum extract, MCT oil and every pup’s favorite, peanut butter oil. This formula is true to its name, the calming properties are perfect for relaxing our anxious companions. Beyond their specialized oils, The Brothers Apothecary does offer one of the most interesting selections of CBD infused tea. Their tea selection spans from Golden Dream, a chamomile tea to aid in sleep, Hibiscus, a CBD tea mixed with the tart flower, lemongrass, spearmint, dried cranberry and stevia. This tea has users praising its ability to calm them so much as to lower their blood pressure. In all they have over a dozen different varieties of CBD infused teas for you to enjoy.

4. Kat’s Naturals

Manufactured: United States
Lab Certificates: Available online
Price: $59.99 for 1500mg, 15ml bottle
Pros: Small batch hemp production
Cons: Very limited variety

Kat’s Naturals is a Tennessee based CBD retailer that got its start when its founder was trying to find a way to help her veteran husband fight back against combat-related stress. CBD paved his way, and they now donate a portion of profits to help other veterans. Kat’s has three full spectrum CBD offerings on their site. Restore CBD oil is packed with 1500 mg of CBD that is blended with peppermint oil. This formula is designed to help body restoration, digestive health and clear breathing. The second option is their Balance CBD tincture. This bottle is filled with 750 mg of CBD and promotes hormonal balance and overall increased comfort in your daily life. Leaving the best for last, Kat’s Craft Collection. This bottle of CBD online is a full spectrum, craft CBD oil that was produced from a single strain of hemp. They describe this as a “plant in a bottle.” The 4 oz bottle contains 2000 mg of CBD full spectrum oil. The hemp grown is the Tennessee-1 strain. It is a premium and powerful hemp that has been reported to assist in calmness, relaxation and ease. Premium hemp comes with a hefty price however, $188 for the 4 oz bottle.

5. AndOtherBrands CBD Store

While my previous four websites have been to tell you about quality CBD products that you can trust I have saved the last one to help tell you why you can trust them and help you discover which is the best CBD oil for sale near you. This informative site allows you to compare different brands side by side. This really helped me when I was first learning about the benefits of CBD and what is different from brand to brand. Another thing you should check out on AndOtherBrands is all of their wonderful articles. This site is equally helpful for both newbies to CBD and experienced shoppers.

With all of the different types of CBD products you can find online, I wanted to help explain the difference in full spectrum hemp oil vs CBD, and where the best place to buy CBD in Pennsylvania. Below you will find questions and answers to some of the most popular topics surrounding CBD tincture oil.


What does full spectrum mean in CBD oil?

What does full spectrum mean in CBD oil?
When you see CBD that is labeled full spectrum this means that the CBD oil has been extracted from the complete hemp plant and they use all of it. No part is filtered out, so you get all of the minerals and different cannabinol compounds within the plant. This is different from isolate hemp oil which separates only the CBD compound from the hemp plant. Dr. Gary Mendelow, a physician for over 20 years, celebrates the CBD benefits of full spectrum CBD, “treating certain everyday symptoms with a holistic approach of mother nature’s bounty is always recommended.”

How much CBD in full spectrum hemp oil?

The level of the CBD that is in the full spectrum hemp oil is always determined by the manufacturing process and how they make each product. For example, in the Just CBD store they offer eight different bottles of full spectrum tincture oil, all of them with different levels of CBD content. Since it is a tincture oil bottle there is a dropper built into it. Using that dropper, you are able to perfectly measure out the dosage of CBD that you are wanting to use at that moment. Registered Dietitian, Nataly Komova explains “Every person is different so the level of CBD needed for your own best results will be different from your neighbor. It is always suggested to start slower with a smaller amount and build up to your best comfort.”

Will full-spectrum CBD oil make me fail a drug test?

This is not the easiest question to answer. When you purchase your full spectrum CBD oil from a reputable online store you will see that they have a third party lab test checking for the level and purity of the CBD. For it to be legal for use in Pennsylvania, the product must comply with the FDA requirements. Currently those requirements state there needs to be no more than 0.3% THC in the oil. This makes it legal however, it still might show up in a drug test that you might have to take for a job. It is up to the job to make their own decisions based on the results. It is known based on the degree of your usage that THC can be found in your urine or blood for up to seven days.

Is CBD legal in Pennsylvania?

As mentioned above, CBD is legal in Pennsylvania as long as the product follows the FDA guidelines, full spectrum CBD oil with THC needs to have a level of THC below 0.3%. When you are purchasing your CBD online, use the links above or always make sure to check the lab reports that are found on most quality CBD retailer websites. Jose J. Ortiz, a pharmaceutical expert and the director of research and development for a CBD manufacturer states “always purchase from a retailer who is willing to show you what is in their product. This is done by using a third-party lab who will analyze each product. This way you know for sure what you are putting in your body.”

Where is the best place to buy full-spectrum CBD oil?

I hear the question “Should I purchase full spectrum CBD oil near me or buy online” all the time. I prefer to buy full spectrum CBD oil online, so I am able to look at the lab reports that I discussed above. While I am sure everybody in Pennsylvania is honest and trustworthy I am just not too sure about that discount gas station CBD around the corner.