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On the Record with Todd Porter of The Cheats

click to enlarge The Cheats (Todd Porter, second from left) at The Altar Bar
The Cheats (Todd Porter, second from left)

The Cheats have been in the Pittsburgh punk-rock game since 2001, and singer Todd Porter — previously of Silver Tongued Devil — has been the band's face since day one. He talked with CP about the band's new split LP with New Jersey's Electric Frankenstein.

Each band on the split contributed a cover song along with their originals. Why did you pick "Loaded," by the Norwegian band The Backstreet Girls?

We're all weird record-collectors, so even when we do covers, it's always obscure stuff nobody knows anyways. For a long time, everybody thought ["Loaded"] was our song, because we've been doing it in the set for years.

Have you turned anyone into a big Backstreet Girls fan with that cover?

Well, the guys in my band. That's about it. Maybe when the record comes out, people will try to find them.

Those covers are vinyl-only; you can't get downloads of them.

You've gotta make it a little more collectible. It's limited-edition too, with colored [vinyl] — the colored comes with a poster and a beer coaster. When we were kids, you always liked the KISS records — look inside the KISS records and there's all kinds of cool shit.

Are you afraid someone's going to just rip the songs and put them online anyway?

Yeah. They're probably online now!

Having been with The Cheats for so long, what are you in it for?

Not money! I think I'm a stunted teenager. I just love music, and love having fun. I'm stuck as a permanent 17-year-old.

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