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On the Record with Steve Sciulli

"Kraftwerk is my daddy!"

Raised By Machines' Steve Sciulli
Raised By Machines' Steve Sciulli

Steve Sciulli has played for decades in Pittsburgh bands like Carsickness and Ploughman's Lunch, but he says he's never played a cover song live — until this Sat., May 5, when he plays the entirety of Kraftwerk's 22-minute opus, "Autobahn," at Howlers.

Do you remember when you first heard "Autobahn"?

Back when dinosaurs walked Pittsburgh, there was a wonderful AM radio station that would play the full 20-minute track. I listened on a little transistor radio, and the song very much reminded me of a German version of The Beach Boys — of course, later Kraftwerk would say The Beach Boys influenced them.

Why break out a cover after 30-plus years of playing music?

Kraftwerk appeared at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City earlier this month. Tickets were $25 but scalpers had them going for five grand, and true fans stood no chance of getting in. I wanted to make it an "If you can't make it to MOMA, come to Bloomfield" event.

Why is your current musical project called Raised By Machines?

When I was born I was a pound-and-a-half, very premature — I was given last rites, they didn't expect me to live. I was kept in an incubator, and I wasn't ever touched by humans. Even when I was touched by a nurse, it was with gloved hands. The only life I knew was these machines all around me.

Do you think that kind of start is why you like Kraftwerk so much?

Kraftwerk is my daddy!

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