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On the Record with Mike Hadreas 

Behind the Tweets of Perfume Genius

Mike Hadreas is dead serious about the music he performs as Perfume Genius — which ranges from somber confessions to defiant anthems aimed at anyone who feels uncomfortable when he walks by. His Twitter personality, however, often provides much lighter fare. We asked Hadreas, who plays a sold-out show at The Warhol this Friday, to elaborate on some of his tweets.

The sillier my tweets get,
the sadder my music

I kind of veer in between those two extremes. Even looking back on memories that were not the best, some days I can kind of laugh about them because they're so over-the-top. But then if I'm in a different mood the next day ... it can be kind of devastating.
Pretty sure I could destroy him
with Just a Look, someone put
us in a room together and
watch Eminem slowly wither
from my witch glance

Weirdly, a lot of my [friends] are of the camp where he's just joking, and they like him, and if you don't get the sense of humor, then it's going over your head. There's a lot of jokes that he could have made that weren't rape jokes or weren't about stabbing faggots and shit, and I would have found those more funny than the jokes he has on his albums.
Whyyy am I wearing a dress,
watching creationist youtube
videos and drinking diet coke
straight from the 2 liter

There's been a lot of times when my boyfriend goes out of town right when we get back from a tour, and the combination of jet lag if we've been abroad and having the whole house to myself can get really weird for me.


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