On the Record with Kevin Garrett of Noble Hunter 

"Every once in a while in the songwriting, I'll think back to Point Breeze and try to incorporate it."

Noble Hunter's Kevin Garrett

Noble Hunter's Kevin Garrett

A few years ago, Pittsburgh native Kevin Garrett, 22, left town to study music technology at New York University. Now a recent graduate, Garrett returns to the area as vocalist and guitarist for indie folk-rock band Noble Hunter.

You grew up in Point Breeze. How has that part of your life influenced you musically?

I always get nostalgic about Point Breeze because I just love the neighborhood and everyone there. One of the songs off of our record is called "Lexington," and it's about the street I lived on. Every once in a while in the songwriting, I'll think back to Point Breeze and try to incorporate it. 

Any significant memories from your neighborhood?

I lived across the street from Malcolm McCormick, who has since turned into Mac Miller, and he's obviously done very well for himself. We were friends in Point Breeze, and I remember hanging out with him.

What was the transition like from Pittsburgh to New York City?

Polarizing. I had no idea where I was and what was going on, and if I needed to go somewhere I asked 10 different people before I figured it out. 

What excites you about returning to Pittsburgh?

I always like bringing people back to Pittsburgh just in general because I love the city so much. It will be fun to bring what I'm working on in New York back to Pittsburgh and show my [progress] to people from home. 



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