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On the Record with Jacques Greene

The Montreal-based producer had us all singing "Another Girl" for months on end last year.

Honestly refreshing: Jacques Greene
Honestly refreshing: Jacques Greene

Jacques Greene, the Montreal-based producer who had us all singing "Another Girl" for months on end last year, brings his live show to the Lawrenceville Moose this Thursday.

What music contributed to the development of your sound most?

Pop has always been a huge part of my life. I think in my teens for a while, like everyone, I tried to kinda resist it. You go through this thing and you're like, "I hate pop music. I hate mainstream." But then, a guy like Timbaland at that point was doing stuff with drums that is just as interesting as a Warp record that was coming out back then.

How did you get into making club music?

It was actually from buying a drum machine. I found it at a recycling center in the suburbs of where I lived. The guy thought it was a VCR or something, so he let me have it for $60. It's called the Roland TR-707 and if you've ever listened to an old house record, you've heard it. It never really even occurred to me to make dance music until I got this machine. I turned it on and I was like, "Oh yeah, this feels right."

What qualities make a song timeless?

You could make a track with the most of-the-moment sounds and the production may age. The sound of your record is something you don't really control. I think what makes a track great, as opposed to good, is the honesty behind it — and, obviously, that's such a hard thing to define.

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