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On the Record with Interpol's Daniel Kessler

"It gets boring if you're just drinking every single night."

Photo courtesy of Eliot Lee Hazel
Interpol (Daniel Kessler, front)

It's been more than a decade since Interpol emerged as the New York City post-punk band adored by college co-eds who preferred smart suits over the Strokes' tattered Chuck Taylors. Last year's El Pintor was the group's first release as a trio, having lost its founding bassist, the iconic Carlos D. City Paper caught up with guitarist Daniel Kessler for a few minutes of niceties, and lots of good-natured vagueness about Interpol's future.

After Carlos left, lead singer Paul Banks stepped in on bass. What's it like forming that new dynamic?

Carlos is big part of my life and will always be. He's an incredible individual and what he contributed to the band ... in general, and way beyond that.

How did you get to be the guy in the "Everything Is Wrong" video who helps old ladies cross the street and eats an ice-cream cone? 

My bandmate wanted me to do [those] things [in the video], ... but I would definitely do both those things any given day.

You opened a restaurant, Bergen Hill, in Brooklyn, a few years ago. Let's talk food.

I'm a big food dude. I don't know what happened, but you have a great opportunity [when you're in a band] — you get to travel. And after awhile it gets boring if you're just drinking every single night. 

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