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On the Record with Eleanor Friedberger

“I always try to make everything my own.”

Eleanor Friedberger’s been taking it easy — at least easier than her wildly prolific run with The Fiery Furnaces. She comes to town this weekend with new music for a First Friday at the Frick. Friedberger talked to CP about visiting Pittsburgh, scoring Warhol’s films and her career ahead.

You Instagrammed a picture at Jerry’s Records a few days back. What were you doing in town?

I’ve been visiting a lot, visiting a friend who’s working in Pittsburgh for the next few months, so I think I’ve already been three times this summer.

For Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films, do you think it was more challenging to match themes to a different subject than the more personal subject matter of your solo work?

I always try to make everything my own. And even the [sculptor] Marisol song, just coming directly from articles about her, the reason why I chose those was because I related to them myself. It’s about her trying to be a strong woman in the art world, and I identify with that.

Do you see your solo work taking any more radical shifts, like we came to expect from the Fiery Furnaces, or is your solo output sort of a reprieve from that?

I wish I could say I had a master plan, like, “My fourth and fifth solo albums would sound like this and that.” I just finished an album, but unfortunately I don’t know what the release date is … I finished it in May. And it sounds a little bit more like The Fiery Furnaces than my last two albums, just in terms of sounds on the album, the way it was recorded.

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