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On the Record with Chris Carrabba

"I love touring. Obsessively."

click to enlarge Chris Carrabba - PHOTO COURTESY OF DAVID BEAN
Photo courtesy of David Bean
Chris Carrabba

Dashboard Confessional has, essentially, been on hiatus, but frontman Chris Carrabba has been far from idle with Twin Forks and Further From Forever. CP talked to Carrabba about the band's first tour in seven years.

What's your feeling toward the band and material now?

There [are] things I would change radically. But for the most part, I would write like that right now. They're potent and current to me. We have two new songs that we were going to play on this tour and I thought to myself, "There's no sense in that." Next time, I'll play a couple new songs. If you've been waiting this long to see this band, and there's a chance they might play your favorite song, but they skipped it to play a new song ... I say, fuck that.

What do you see for the future of yourself, your bands, etc.?

I love touring. Obsessively. That's what I got in this for. It wasn't to sell records, it wasn't to move a cultural needle. I [wanted to] have an audience that would want to see me live. And now I've got it with three different bands. To me, that's the most glorious thing.

What project will you be remembered for?

There'​​s so much crossover. There [have been] quite a few times where all three [of my] bands [were] sitting in the same room, together. I know what I'll be remembered for, but what [fans] won't know is how much they overlap.

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