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Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card with Herbal Care Rx

Herbal Care Rx can provide low cost certifications over the phone for those who want to get their medical marijuana cards, as well as low cost recertifications, also over the phone. Our fees are the lowest in the state. Certification for a new patient card is $125 (with an additional discount for Veterans/SSI/Disability to $75 for a new card) and recertifications are $75. All of this is performed over the phone, with compassionate, friendly support from the scheduling team, and a kind doctor, Dr. Rebecca Maury, who is easy to talk to and makes this important process easy.

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

There are a couple of keys to obtaining a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania. The steps are as follows:
  1. Visit the Patients and Caregivers Registry and create a patient profile in the Department of Health’s patient and caregiver registry (we can assist with this step if needed).
  2. Obtain a physician’s certification by speaking on the phone with Dr. Maury at Herbal Care Rx.
  3. Return to the Patient and Caregivers Registry and pay the $50 fee for your medical marijuana ID card.
  4. Await the arrival of the card in the mail, usually about 2 weeks.
  5. Once you have the card in hand, you can visit any dispensary in the state of Pennsylvania.
  6. Card renewal is required by the Department of Health every 12 months.

How Can Herbal Care Rx Help

Herbal Care Rx believes that cannabis is medicine, and their mission is to help as many people have access to this medicine as possible. Founded in 2018, Herbal Care Rx has been one of the leaders in affordable and compassionate certifications since the beginning of our state cannabis program.

Cost should not prohibit people from gaining access to this medicine, so Herbal Care Rx always maintains the lowest possible cost for their patients. For new patients, this is $125, while it is $75 for new certifications for veterans, or those on SSI/Disability. It is also only $75 for all renewals.

In a continued effort to be at the forefront of customer care, Herbal Care Rx also is able to schedule all consultation appointments over the phone, so you can start the process towards certification right from home. Dr. Rebecca Maury has been a practicing physician for close to 20 years, and has an extensive knowledge of cannabis and the therapeutic potential that it has.

Go to herbalcarerx.com, or reach us at (215) 554-4044, and get started on getting the relief you’re looking for.