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Now Playing: The Photograph, a Keanu marathon, the cursed Sonic, and more

Pittsburgh weekly film roundup, Feb. 14-20

Sabrina Lantos/Universal Pictures
Every Friday, Pittsburgh City Paper compiles a round-up of new releases and second-run films playing around the city. This only covers films that are new to theaters this week; check out what movies opened previously here.

The Photograph

In this modern movie inspired by classic romances, Mae (Issa Rae), the daughter of a famed and recently deceased photographer, uncovers her mother's past through her photos, and falls for the journalist (LaKeith Stanfield) writing about her work. Now playing everywhere.
Jaap Buitendijk/20th Century Fox
Based on Force Majeure, the 2014 Swedish dramedy, Downhill Americanizes the story with Will Ferrell and Julia Louise Dreyfuss as parents whose vacation is thrown into disarray when the husband reacts selfishly to the sight of an avalanche. You can certainly watch this, but honestly, Force Majeure is already very good. Now playing at The Manor Theatre and The Tull Family Theater.
click to enlarge PARAMOUNT PICTURES
Paramount Pictures
Sonic the Hedgehog
Oh Sonic, you were not long for the big screen. Who could forget when the first trailer for this movie dropped and everyone freaked out because it looked too human and then the film studio redid everything to make him less scary? According to reviews, this movie is bad, but not fun-bad like Cats. But hey, could be good if you want to let your Valentine's date know that things are definitely platonic. Now playing everywhere.
click to enlarge KINO LORBER
Kino Lorber
Ex-Israeli soldier Yoav moves to Paris in hopes of erasing his Israeli identity, despite not knowing much about the France, or how to speak much French. Things don't go as planned, but the movie is based on the life of writer and director Nadav Lapid, so it looks like things turned out okay in the end. Now playing at the Harris Theater, 809 Liberty Ave., Downtown.
Keanu Marathon
We are currently experiencing a Keanussance, wherein everyone is remembering, or newly learning, that they love Keanu Reeves. To get the full Keanu fix, check out Row House Cinema's marathon of the long-haired gentleman with a lineup of his early hits featuring My Own Private Idaho, The Matrix, Point Break, and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Now playing at Row House Cinema, 4115 Butlers St., Lawrenceville.

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