NOVEMBER | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
 A couple tested by infidelity; a late-night stop at a bodega that ends in gunfire; photographs that may have captured a crime. From these elements, Greg Harrison crafts a moody little thriller about a photographer (Courtney Cox) whose boyfriend is shot during a robbery. The film's key scenes are replayed, each time presented through a different emotional prism cued by intertitles, and it is left to the viewer to discern what is real, what might be fevered hallucination, and in the end, if any of it matters. (With its emphasis on photographic "truth," allusions to Antonioni's Blowup are inevitable.) Harrison keeps both the narrative and the visuals murky (he shot on mini-DV in low light and the on-screen gloom is unrelenting). Cox, severely de-glammed, acquits herself well, as does James LeGros as her boyfriend. Harrison sustains our interest well through a tricky and repetitive narrative, but ultimately November feels more like a successful exercise than a fulfilling work. (AH)

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