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Noteworthy Figures 


Steve Bland, CEO, Allegheny County Port Authority

Bland's musical interests center on "traditional rock," with a focus on mainstays like the Stones and Pink Floyd. Courtesy of his 14-year-old son, Geoffrey, Bland has also developed a taste for the Dropkick Murphys and Green Day. He's also a major Bruce Springsteen fan. 

He has a softer side that didn't show up when CP put his iPod on shuffle: "I admit a tear comes to my eye when I hear the theme to Titanic," says the head of the county's transit authority. 

On his iPod:
"I Wanna Be Sedated," The Ramones
"Back in Black," AC/DC
"Just What I Needed," The Cars
"Badlands" (Live in NYC), Bruce Springsteen
"Mrs. Rita," Gin Blossoms



Sally Wiggin, News Anchor, WTAE

Wiggin freely admits that she's a late adopter when it comes to technology: Her iPod and iPhone were loaded for her by friends. But her tastes run from Led Zeppelin to Billy Joel, from world music and Coldplay. "[Coldplay's] 'Viva La Vida' is about someone whose time is done. I think that's how a lot of us in our 50s feel," she says. "But then I see [The Who's Roger Daltrey] and [Eric] Clapton onstage, and it reminds us that your time is not over. It may be different, but it's not done."

On her iPhone:
"My! My! Time Flies!," Enya
"Mausam and Escape," A.R. Rahman, from Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack
"Layla" (Unplugged), Eric Clapton
"Lost!," Coldplay
"Latika's Theme," from Slumdog Millionaire



Daniel Lavelle, Pittsburgh City Councilor

Lavelle, a rookie member of council, boasts an MP3 player with roughly 3,000 songs on it. The collection is wide-ranging: Lavelle says he mostly listens to hip hop and reggae, but the avid fisherman also keeps a few country tunes in the mix. And even, he admits, some Celine Dion.

On his MP3 player:
"Table of Contents" (Parts 1 & 2), The Roots 
"Footprints," T.O.K.
"Rah Rah," Elephant Man
"Ya'll Know Who," The Roots
"My Phone," Skillz



Chelsa Wagner, Pennsylvania State Representative

Wagner, who represents the city's southern neighborhoods in the state House, defines her musical tastes as "eclectic." 

"I go in phases, where I'll go through one genre more than another on my iPhone in my car versus at home or in my kitchen," she says. "I love hip hop. I love classic rock." She's also an avid runner and looks for tunes that help her get pumped up.

On her iPhone
"Play With Fire," Rolling Stones
"Flashing Lights," Kanye West
"PDA (We Just Don't Care)," John Legend
"Dance on Vaseline," David Byrne
"Float On," Modest Mouse


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