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Not All CBD is Created Equal

As a Pharmacist with over 40 years of practice experience, I am a huge proponent of the benefits of CBD and I have been studying CBD for over 7 years!

However, not all CBD is created equal!! Do you know what you are getting in your CBD product?

If you were to interrupt the lottery clerk to ask his advice on CBD’s effect on decreasing body inflammation, you might just be stumping him.

If you are in a sporting goods store, it would be ok to ask the sales person what type of hockey puck you should buy. But, if you ask that same sales person if their CBD is Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD, 0.0% THC, alcohol and gluten free, you might just stump him.

At Murray Avenue Apothecary and LabNaturalsCBD, our staff is made up of expert Pharmacists and technicians. Your questions about CBD won’t stump our staff, as the optimal health of our clients is our number one priority.

We have searched the globe for the finest organic ingredients which are from USA organic sustainable farms and have NO detectable pesticides, heavy metals, or solvents!

All of our products are independent third-party lab tested for potency, purity, and consistency, and our certificates of analysis are easily accessible on

At LabNaturalsCBD, we are so thrilled with the positive responses from our high-quality CBD products, and your loyalty to our products, that we have decided to “give back”!!

We are passing our savings on to you!

In 2022, ALL LabNaturals CBD product prices have been lowered!!

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If you are considering CBD and its numerous benefits, why not buy it from the experts, the very best.

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To your health in 2022 and beyond!

Susan Merenstein, Pharmacist and Owner