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Nonprofit organization For Good is giving away surprise toys for families in Braddock

click to enlarge The Hollander Project in Braddock - PHOTO: FOR GOOD
Photo: For Good
The Hollander Project in Braddock
Braddock-based nonprofit organization For Good can't continue many of the programs and services it offers due to coronavirus, but it's found a new way to help out parents in the community who are struggling to keep kids occupied while out of school.

For Good, founded by Kristen Michaels and Gisele Fetterman, is launching a giveaway program to deliver surprise baskets of toys, books, and other entertainment to families in Braddock. Instead of inviting people to pick things up in person, as they do for other giveaways throughout the year, For Good will hand-deliver the baskets to homes of families that request it through their email (

"We're home with our kids, everyone's going a little crazy, and after talking it through with some people to make sure it was safe, [we] realized this was something we could do safely to help the families in our community that are bored at home with their kids, and hopefully put a smile on their faces," says Michaels.
Michaels says many the toys they will be using in the giveaway are from a collection of Playmobil sets donated by The Toy Foundation that were originally going to be used for an Easter egg hunt in Braddock.

As part of precautions to keep the operation sanitary, For Good is not taking donations for more toys at the moment. Michaels says she and Fetterman will be wearing gloves and sanitizing as they sort through the toys and make the packages.

As coronavirus restrictions go on indefinitely, Michaels says the team will continue to find ways to serve the community while many of their others outlets, like the Braddock Free Store or The Hollander Project, where classes are offered, have closed. Some initiatives, like a monthly yoga class, have been moved online.

"As soon as we know a little bit more about this and what is safe, we will be nonstop out there trying to get things to people," says Michaels. "But for now, this is something that we feel we can do safely, and so this is our start."

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