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Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

It's another night of museum exhibits getting up to no good — this time at the British Museum

Shawn Levy directs this third iteration of the series about museum exhibits that come to life after hours. Now, the ancient Egyptian tile that creates this magical transformation is running out of juice, and Larry (Ben Stiller) and a small gang of nocturnal regulars, including Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams) and tiny diorama buddies (Steve Coogan, Owen Wilson), must travel to the British Museum to get it recharged. Needless, to say, this simply repeats the premise of the first film, as exhibits in the London museum come to life for the first time, notably Sir Lancelot (Dan Stevens) and a pharaoh (Ben Kingsley). (At the megaplex this week, see Kingsley play both pharaoh and, in Exodus, leader of the pharaoh's enslaved Hebrews.) Not much new here, though it moves frantically enough to probably keep the kiddies entertained. In his final on-screen role, it's not much of a send-off for Williams, who seems uncharacteristically flat.

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