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Two-bit Vegas magician Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage), who can see two minutes into his own future, becomes the focus of a double manhunt. The FBI, led by ball-buster agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore), needs him to find a stray nuclear bomb in Los Angeles. The terrorist group (one Russian, a couple Frenchmen, no known agenda) holding the bomb is also after him. Waiting in the wings: a cute social worker (Jessica Biel) who immediately accepts that this overly tanned middle-aged low-rent Strip-hound in a bad Prince Valiant wig is in fact seeing the future, and not the inside of his diseased mind. Not a wisp of this confusing junk-thriller makes sense, and nobody -- not the director Lee Tamahori, the screenwriters who have adapted a Philip K. Dick story or the actors -- seem to care. Leave this sloppy mess out of your future. [capsule review]

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