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Can socialist ideals gain support in Pittsburgh?

Can socialist ideals gain support in Pittsburgh?

“If people look into their family trees, they might realize they have been a socialist all along.”

Proposed legislation could increase protections for victims of domestic violence

“Guns and domestic violence are a deadly combination, and the current law is just not enough.”

No One Left Behind gets combat interpreters out of harm’s way in the Middle East

“I worked with interpreters in Iraq when I was there and have seen the sacrifices they make.”

Sen. Pat Toomey’s reluctance to address his protesters appears to be fueling a progressive wave

“Even if it seems useless to be having these rallies, there are things going on behind the scenes.”

Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland: The Rivalry Issue

A joint project with Cleveland Scene

Everyone knows about the Steelers vs.Browns rivalry, but Pittsburgh is way better than Cleveland in other ways, too

If hearing the way Pittsburghers say “out” as “aht” or “you all” as “yinz” doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then you’re not human

Despite anti-immigration sentiments among conservatives, some say there are benefits to embracing a new Roma community in California, Pa.

“They are going to be shopping in our stores, they are going to be paying taxes, they are going to be revitalizing an area.”

A new program in Pennsylvania could be key to keeping non-violent drug offenders from re-offending

“These results point to the fact that this new approach is showing positive outcomes.”

Our student travel guide and recommendations on walking, biking, driving, and using public transit and ride-hailing apps

Explore our wonderful city, with its scores of distinct neighborhoods, pleasant public parks and cultural institutions

According to a new report, Pennsylvanians graduate with highest student-loan debt

“I see the impacts that the Commonwealth’s higher-education policy has on our state’s families.”

While PWSA and Veolia squabble over who’s to blame, some call for quicker action to address Pittsburgh’s lead crisis

“It seems to me that there’s so much we don’t know, but from everything I’ve reviewed it seems there’s culpability to be shared.”

Etna and Sharpsburg believe a trail can bring economic revitalization to the riverfront towns

“I can see people in our business district all the time now. A trail can only enhance all of that.”

Pittsburgh City Paper joins national initiative sponsored by ProPublica to document incidents of hate

“If we don’t address these issues, then these incidents multiply and become bigger and bigger.”

Despite what you have heard, Pittsburgh’s still losing population to the suburbs. Will that change?

“In a region where we are not gaining population, we have to figure out how to invest in jobs and people."

Pittsburgh City Paper presents its 2017 Sh*t List of public servants who need to clean up their acts, or risk being flushed

Politics is one of the few places where turds actually rise to the top



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