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The state’s ‘stand your ground’ law has failed to make waves, but activists and experts say Pennsylvanians shouldn’t forget about it

The state’s ‘stand your ground’ law has failed to make waves, but activists and experts say Pennsylvanians shouldn’t forget about it

“These laws are important to keep your eye on because they often have effects that are counterintuitive to people.”

New ad campaign seeks to highlight potential air-quality concerns in Allegheny County

“It is important to have a broader conversation about where the greater Pittsburgh region is headed.”

The restaurant industry is now the Pittsburgh region’s biggest employer. Can anything be done to ensure that wages grow too?

“Raising wages is going to provide a boost in the local economy and that is important.”

Gun reform gets attention in the wake of mass shootings, but advocates say citizens should always keep an eye on local and federal firearm legislation

“We cannot give in and sit back complacently, or else nothing will be done.”

Pittsburgh filmmaker sells his Honda and cashes in his savings to fund his dream film project

“If you want to direct, if you want to produce, go start directing, go start producing.”

Planned Parenthood provides vital health-care services to women, even as Congress works hard to defund it

“For many of our patients, Planned Parenthood is the gateway into the health-care system.”

Racist vandalism apparently targeted at Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin not removed for days after request

A woman said she reported a racist threat scribbled on a park bench in the North Side on Sept. 30, but said authorities' response downplayed its seriousness.

A list of Pittsburgh-area breast-cancer awareness events for October

Do more than just put on a pink pin and go about your day

As relief slowly trickles into Puerto Rico, Pittsburgh-based Puerto Rican chef straddles the divide

“They’re American citizens; they have a passport. You don’t have to deal with hidden visas. The majority will be bilingual.”

After a period of improved Pittsburgh police-community relations, do recent brutality allegations signal a backslide to the bad old days?

“We have these incidents coming around like we haven’t seen in a while.”

Fired janitors at Pittsburgh’s Ellis School raise concerns over custodial workers’ pay and role in the black community

“For a school that prides itself about women empowerment, it is a slap in the face.”

Can socialist ideals gain support in Pittsburgh?

“If people look into their family trees, they might realize they have been a socialist all along.”

Proposed legislation could increase protections for victims of domestic violence

“Guns and domestic violence are a deadly combination, and the current law is just not enough.”

No One Left Behind gets combat interpreters out of harm’s way in the Middle East

“I worked with interpreters in Iraq when I was there and have seen the sacrifices they make.”



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