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Speculators have been holding onto hundreds of properties in Uptown for years. What does that mean for the neighborhood’s future?

Speculators have been holding onto hundreds of properties in Uptown for years. What does that mean for the neighborhood’s future?

“Unfortunately, you still have bad landlords that still own large swaths of the neighborhood.”

Recognizing dearth of women in elected office, Allegheny County politicians form new PAC

“We have to stop asking the old-boys’ club for money, they’re not giving it to us.”

Problems at Pittsburgh’s Shuman Juvenile Detention Center reflect larger issues in the integrity of the juvenile-justice system.

“... This facility and every facility has a responsibility to ensure that young people in their care are safe and not subject to violence.”

While Pittsburgh has seen recent victories on abortion access, activists say a persistent piece of legislation could roll back a woman’s right to choose

“It really feels like opponents of women’s rights and access are feeling galvanized right now.”

These Pennsylvania politicians have received the most money from pharmaceutical companies accused of exacerbating the opioid crisis

In 2016, Beaver County lost 102 people to overdoses and Allegheny County had a record 650 overdose deaths

After falling victim to revenge porn, former Pittsburgh news anchor Darieth Chisolm speaks up

“I’ve been through probably one of the most embarrassing and extremely painful experiences anyone can ever experience.”

Pennsylvania’s black and Latino populations are simultaneously growing and underserved. What can be done to ensure they succeed?

“There is no reason we shouldn’t be in the top 10 in the nation.”

Community activists call on Pittsburgh and Allegheny County officials to address police brutality

“It’s not just about rallying, it’s not just about protesting — it’s about voting, it’s about getting these people out of office who are in control.”

Impeach Trump

Donald Trump is unable to handle the job of President of the United States

Pittsburgh City Paper editorial team calls for impeachment of Donald Trump

It’s clear to a great many people that the Donald Trump experiment is a colossal failure

Sign the petition, call your Congressional reps, let’s impeach Donald Trump

“The nation is now witnessing a massive corruption of the presidency, far worse than Watergate.”

A look at the Founding Fathers’ motivation for impeachment and how it could be done today

Benjamin Franklin cited a person called the Prince of Orange as an example of when impeachment might be necessary

Could Trump’s response to Puerto Rico motivate enough Puerto Ricans in Pennsylvania to help turn the state blue?

“We are helping to direct this outrage not only into the streets, but into the ballot boxes.”

In the year since Trump was elected, Pittsburgh college students have worked to find common ground

“I think it also as a result fostered a larger sense of community than I have ever felt in all of my life.”



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