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Rising costs of dying has led Americans to turn to crowdfunding campaigns for funerals. How is that affecting Pittsburghers?

Rising costs of dying has led Americans to turn to crowdfunding campaigns for funerals. How is that affecting Pittsburghers?

“Most families don’t shop around … that’s a mistake. Every time we do surveys of price, we find a huge variation for the same service, all within the same city.”

Can Community Land Trusts slow gentrification in Pittsburgh?

A new study from Texas A&M University shows CLTs significantly decrease the likelihood of gentrification in neighborhoods.

Sara Innamorato and Summer Lee say their victories can open doors for non-traditional and minority candidates in Pittsburgh

“It's not true that a black candidate can only win in a majority black district.”

Despite decriminalization, Pittsburgh’s marijuana-possession arrests are on the rise

“You are still bringing 700 people into the court and fingerprinting them, and that is 700 people that still need their records expunged. All of these cases are still being withdrawn.”

CMU art professor Angela Washko creates a simulation artwork about pickup artists

“I thought that creating a game experience was a way that people could experience those practices without the distance that reading about them creates.”

Pro-LGBTQ group says lack of LGBTQ non-discrimination law hurts Pittsburgh’s chances at landing Amazon HQ2

“It is clear that the failure of state lawmakers to protect LGBTQ citizens is jeopardizing the chances that either Philadelphia or Pittsburgh will land the bid.”

Jarrell Brackett, Pittsburgh’s first openly gay fighter, makes pro debut on May 25

“I’d love to see the seats full of drag queens!”

2018 Election Guide: District 38 Pa. Senate, Stephanie Walsh vs. Lindsey Williams

Two Democratic candidates face off for the right to challenge Republican incumbent in November

2018 Election Guide: District 21 Pa. House: Dom Costa vs. Sara Innamorato

Incumbent Costa faces challenge from political activist with strong grassroots support

2018 Election Guide: District 34 Pa. House: Paul Costa vs. Summer Lee

A first-time candidate with political organizing skills takes on an entrenched incumbent

2018 Election Guide: District 20 Pa. House Race, Adam Ravenstahl vs. Mike Devine

A four-term incumbent is challenged by well-known community organizer

Pennsylvania Democrats will choose the governor’s running mate; But which candidate would be the best sidekick for a run at a second term?

Lieutenant-governor candidates are not well known, but they could provide a small boost to the gubernatorial candidate in the general election.

Angel Eyes Farm adopts out pigs, turkeys and chickens

“My name somehow got out, and next thing I know, I have 20 pigs out there.”

Greatest Hits: Escaped animals of Pittsburgh

A good rogue-animal story requires both weirdness and a relatively happy ending

From Harambe to Vivien Leigh the sloth, does anthropomorphizing help or hurt animals?

Some researchers have argued that projecting human attributes to animals can help with education and relief efforts

Massage therapy can improve your cat’s quality of life

“You learn where to massage and pet your cat in a way that is soothing and calming.”

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