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Advocates say Pittsburgh’s drag performers need more latitude to shine

Advocates say Pittsburgh’s drag performers need more latitude to shine

“We’re trying to pull drag out of bars, so it’s more welcoming and more accessible, so other folks can see it.”

How to get a Pennsylvania medical-marijuana card

According to the state health department, there are 83 practices in the Pittsburgh metro area that can certify medical-marijuana card applications.

Is Pittsburgh’s rental market a good fit for Amazon?

Rental prices appear to be adjusting away from expensive units, even as city officials are hoping to attract a company that would increase demand for high-end dwellings

Pittsburgh prepares for possible teacher strike

“We know families rely on school as a place to go that is safe, that provides an education, that allows parents to work.”

Settlements resulting from alleged police misconduct are costing Pittsburgh taxpayers millions. What can be done to lessen the burden?

“You can never make Leon Ford whole, but we sure as hell cannot tolerate officers acting in such a cavalier fashion.”

New Commutes: Analyzing the changing ways Pittsburghers get to work

“People will bike if they feel it is safe for them to do so.”

Vicente Sandoval, a fixture in Pittsburgh’s Latin-dance community, has been detained by U.S. immigration officials

The Mexican undocumented immigrant has lived in Pittsburgh for more than 12 years, and has volunteered with local dance companies and in the Latino community

A few ways to channel momentum from the Women’s March into action

“The midterms are coming.”

Despite its thousands of uses, industrial hemp is often overshadowed by marijuana

“The problem lies in the government lumping all of these into one category.”

The AMERICAN WOMAN project seeks to highlight black women, but a similarly titled CNN project could overshadow it

“I wanted to start a dialogue, and I also wanted it to be very visual in that, well, what does America look like?”

Mayor Peduto promised transparency and accountability. Did his first term deliver?

“So they’re bargaining on behalf of the residents, yet not providing transparency.”

Pittsburgh City Paper talks sex- and body-positivity with two sex-industry insiders

“Growing up, I didn’t realize that I was non-binary until I really knew there was a language for it.”

Two special elections in the Pittsburgh region are already slated for 2018, and the governor’s and state legislature’s races could get interesting.

“If the wave is big enough, where you get unequal turnout where Democrats come out and Republicans stay home, then things can change.”

A tarot reading for Pittsburgh predicts sanctuary city, prosperity and more sparring with Trump

But his reading also carried a warning: Prosperity will continue here only if everyone benefits from it



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