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NEWS RELEASE: Bob Nutting scapegoats Clint Hurdle

click to enlarge Clint Hurdle gives Nostradamus a run for his money with the least prescient jersey of all time. - CP PHOTO: JOSH OSWALD
CP photo: Josh Oswald
Clint Hurdle gives Nostradamus a run for his money with the least prescient jersey of all time.
"Pirates announce the Club and Clint Hurdle part ways" is what the Pirates official Twitter account posted to announce the termination of manager Clint Hurdle.

But if Pirates' social were written by Fletcher Reede, the main character of Jim Carey opus Liar Liar who is forced to tell only the truth for 24 hours, the tweet would have read: Cheap-ass Bob Nutting scapegoats Clint Hurdle, fighting only the symptoms and not the disease.

General Manager Neal Huntington will remain with the Pirates. And while there should be certain amount of sympathy for a GM who probably has to empty the garbage cans and dust end tables at Bob Nutting's house to earn a little extra money for free agents and signings, here are some highlights of Huntington's trading acumen.

Traded José Bautista (career WAR 35.9) to the Toronto Blue Jay for Robinzon Díaz (played 41 games).

Traded Javier López (In 2010, the year he was traded, he had his lowest ERA, 2.34, and won a World Series). Received John Bowker and Joe Martinez (pitched five games with the Pirates).

Traded Neil Walker to the New York Mets. Received Jon Niese (4.91 ERA with the Pirates).

Traded Charlie Morton (14-, 15-, 16-win seasons since leaving the Pirates) to the Philadelphia Phillies. Received David Whitehead (does not even have a profile picture on

Traded Gerrit Cole (20-5, 326 goddamn strikeouts!) to the Houston Astros. Received Jason Martin (minors), Michael Feliz, Colin Moran and Joe Musgrove (this guy will probably still be a Pirates starter next year).

Traded Austin Meadows and Tyler Glasnow to the Tampa Bay Rays for Chris Archer (I'm too exhausted to detail how awful this is. If you have to ask, you'll never know.)

Granted, these are a handful of his worst moves ever, and Huntington has had a good amount of success in the past. Some of the underperformance can also be blamed on coaching and bad strategy.

But with the players the Pirates trotted out as major leaguers throughout the 2019 season, one can only conclude Neal's best days are behind him or that Bob Nutting doesn't care enough to finance anything. We know the latter is true, but there's no getting rid of Nutting outside of a record-breaking GoFundMe campaign. 


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