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While PWSA and Veolia squabble over who’s to blame, some call for quicker action to address Pittsburgh’s lead crisis

While PWSA and Veolia squabble over who’s to blame, some call for quicker action to address Pittsburgh’s lead crisis

“It seems to me that there’s so much we don’t know, but from everything I’ve reviewed it seems there’s culpability to be shared.”


Etna and Sharpsburg believe a trail can bring economic revitalization to the riverfront towns

“I can see people in our business district all the time now. A trail can only enhance all of that.”

Pittsburgh City Paper joins national initiative sponsored by ProPublica to document incidents of hate

“If we don’t address these issues, then these incidents multiply and become bigger and bigger.”

Despite what you have heard, Pittsburgh’s still losing population to the suburbs. Will that change?

“In a region where we are not gaining population, we have to figure out how to invest in jobs and people."

Pittsburgh City Paper presents its 2017 Sh*t List of public servants who need to clean up their acts, or risk being flushed

Politics is one of the few places where turds actually rise to the top

Meet the 2017 inductees into Pittsburgh City Paper’s Sh*t List Hall of Shame

Dealing with turds in public office isn’t something new for this region.

Pittsburgh’s Center for Women’s Behavioral Health at West Penn helps women with postpartum depression

A husband used his wife’s suicide as a catalyst to help other women in distress after childbirth

The future is unclear for Pennsylvania kids dependent on Medicaid

“I just wish that in 2017, I didn’t have to worry if my daughter was going to have health care or not.”

Telemedicine services in Pittsburgh say a lot about the future of health care

“This is truly a patient-centric system instead of a system-centric system.”

Chris P. Carrot

Pittsburgh Vegfest celebrates its third year on August 5 By Em DeMarco

Over a year ago, a 30-student fight thrust the school into the headlines, but what’s been going on there since?

“The narrative is changing around what University Preparatory School at Margaret Milliones was and is now.”

Does Pittsburgh need official ‘sanctuary city’ status to fully protect its immigrant population?

“I am less concerned about the title versus the substance of those bills.”

A local gallerist recalls one artist’s journey from Braddock to Venice

The sculptures grew like trees in the misty dank sooty interiors

In memory of "Night of the Living Dead" director George A. Romero

Pittsburgh filmmaker/writer Mike Watt offers a tribute to the "Godfather of the Zombie Movie" George Romero



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