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New Releases

Reviews of records by Aubree Nicole and Sour Wine Cult

Aubree Nicole
Diary of Aubree
(Taylor Way Entertainment)

It’s tempting at first to make shallow comparisons between Aubree Nicole and Adele: They both have “A” names and were born in the U.K. Nicole, however, moved to Pittsburgh to pursue a career as a pop singer (move over, Los Angeles!). And on this five-song debut EP, Nicole shows that she is no Adele knockoff: On the track “So Fly,” in particular, she takes more inspiration from Beyoncé. Nicole has a smoky voice that sounds more mature than her 21 years, and her slinky and modern R&B beats are a consistent highlight. Though Diary of Aubree feels a bit unfinished (several songs just seem to fade out without a proper conclusion) and has some dated-sounding production choices, it’s clear that this is the work of a young singer with a lot of aspiration and drive.

Sour Wine Cult
(Armed Pussy Cat Records)

Remember when Scott Weiland died back in November, and people started thinking about Stone Temple Pilots again? I don’t think the members of Sour Wine Cult ever stopped thinking about Stone Temple Pilots. (This actually makes sense: Sour Wine Cult formed during STP’s heyday, in 1993, then broke up, then reformed two decades later.) Posca sounds like an artifact from a certain time and place, namely a stereo tuned to a modern-rock radio station sometime in the ’90s. It’s hard to believe that this record came out this year, because it’s such a dead ringer for post-grunge bands like Seven Mary Three, Candlebox or Collective Soul — though Sour Wine Cult thankfully lacks the pomposity and pretentiousness of many of those bands.

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