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New Releases

Reviews of records by No Time and Daily Grind

No Time 
You’ll Get Yours 
(Six Feet Under Records)

After dropping one of the best pure hardcore-punk records of the decade in the form of Blood Pressure’s April release Need to Control, you’d think the guys involved would be content to lay low for a bit. But some of them have gotten together in their other band, No Time, to smack you in the face with an even better record. You’ll Get Yours refines the hardcore punk/Oi! fusion of No Time’s earlier EPs with catchier hooks, blazing solos and more variety in the songwriting. Meanwhile, the fantastic recording keeps the ultra-gruff vocals and wall-punching riffs in the forefront. The clear hit of the LP is the anthemic, Blitz-esque “Anti-Social Today” with its ear-worm riffs and stomping drums. When that song is followed up by the one-two punch of the title track and “Gutter Dreams,” you’ll be ready to storm the streets stomping politicians and crust-fund posers alike. – Dan Morgan 

Daily Grind
I Did Those Things
(Misra Records)

Whereas other ’90s nostalgia bands might look to the long-haired, flannel-wearing, grungy early ’90s, Daily Grind sounds like the turn of the millennium. If you compressed everything about popular rock music in 1999 (Flea’s bass antics on “Around The World,” Brandon Boyd’s handsome mellowness on “Drive,” Wes Borland’s shirtless guitar chugging on “Break Stuff”), you’ll have a good approximation of I Did Those Things. An interesting factoid for rock nerds: I Did Those Things was mastered by Kramer, the cult-favorite recording engineer and bassist who produced Galaxie 500 and Low, and played with The Butthole Surfers and Bongwater.- Andrew Woehrel 

DAILY GRIND RECORD RELEASE 8 p.m. Fri., May 13. James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy, 422 Foreland St., North Side. $10-12. 412-904-3335 or

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