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New Releases

Reviews of records by Mariage Blanc and Brazilian Wax

Mariage Blanc
No Autobiography

Mariage Blanc has been something of a constant in the Pittsburgh music scene since its formation some seven years ago, though that constancy hasn't extended to the structure of the band itself. On its new full-length, Rich Kawood takes over on drums, subtly steering the band away from the more straight-ahead rock beats of 2013's Undercurrents. No Autobiography is a reserved record, apparently out of necessity: Guitarist /vocalist Josh Kretzmer told the Huffington Post that, since members were mostly working on songs at home, things had to be kept to a moderate volume. As a result, this is an easygoing and well-crafted collection, bringing to mind the mid-2000s indie rock of Kings of Convenience or the Shins, and — in its best moments — Déjà Vu-era Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Brazilian Wax
Rip It Off

There's a lot to be charmed by on this latest release from garage-punk three-piece Brazilian Wax — from that perfect title and DIY album art onward. The record, released in February, is a wild and reckless run of riot-grrrl aggression, evoking grungier bands like L7 and Babes in Toyland as much as Bikini Kill. The concepts are enjoyably simple — "We Were Friends" viscerally details a severed relationship, and "Mom & Dad" deals with divorce. The production is a little rough, even for a punk band, but it's a fun listen regardless: The harmonies in "Harper High" are a particular highlight.

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