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Reviews of Records by The Silver Thread and Greg Hoy

The Silver Thread
Bare Wire and Water

Your interest in Bare Wire and Water in particular and this local three-piece in general may be determined by your feelings — musically, not personally — about Thurston Moore. This isn't a Sonic Youth rip-off, despite the "Dirty Boots" vibes of the EP's opening track "Everything and Everything." But singer/guitarist Todd Thomas is Moore's vocal doppelganger — think of Sonic Youth's cover of the Beach Boys' "I Know There's an Answer," and you get the idea. However, on the record's best track, "Go Away From My Door," Thomas gets in touch with his inner Neil Diamond, circa "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon." More of that, please.

Greg Hoy
The 21 Day Myth
(30 Peak)

Formerly based in Pittsburgh, Greg Hoy moved to New York in the mid-'90s, and later to San Francisco. His last release, Hair of the Mouth, was pure Pittsburgh, inspired by the music Hoy grew up listening to on WDVE. This time around, he retains some of the swagger of that record — channeling the likes of Joe Walsh and Mudhoney — but The 21 Day Myth is more college radio than classic rock. In this case, the goal was to write, record and upload 21 songs in as many days. Though he didn't make it to 21, the collection sprawls in a way that evokes the up-all-night stream-of-consciousness of Guided by Voices. It's a lot, but solid songwriting and lots of variety keeps things interesting.

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