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New Releases

Recent music from Full Color Illustrations, Eddie Barnz and Young Fox


Full Color Illustrations
Full Color Illustrations
(Enamel Records)

Back in the mid-2000s, Full Color — T.J. Fennell's project — was a regular contributor to the local rock scene. Fennell is in Massachusetts now, but Full Color Illustrations is his duo with the still-local Mike Layton. This full-length is the first in some time from Enamel Records; it's 11 tracks of heavy guitar rock with programmed drums. Fans of Fugazi-style indie rock and grunge will find a lot to like here: good stuff!

Eddie Barnz
Back to Bizness: The Return of the Mayor
(Sinister Entertainment)

Twelve hip-hop tracks from the local rapper — well, 11 hip-hop tracks and one spoken-word piece about what he'd do if elected mayor. (I don't think I'm spoiling anything if I tell you he's in favor of legalization.) Between the goofy jokes (and there are a few), there are some frank, compelling and sometimes graphic tales of life in the projects. Sometimes it's a funny juxtaposition, but Barnz is a real storyteller, with plenty of rhymes and pop-culture references in his bag.

Young Fox

Loud, moody stuff from the local four-piece. Impeccable-sounding rock in the vein of Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and early emo over a four-track EP. Don't expect anything updated — every track could have stepped out of 1999 — but it's well done, and it's fair to assume that's what they're going for. (This isn't a band of kids; it includes onetime Zao bassist Martin Lunn.) The majestic closer, "Define the End," is a great note to close on.

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