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New Releases

Recent music from Shaky Shrines, The Velcro Shoes and Handhold


Shaky Shrines
Shaky Shrines

Great five-song debut from a new garage-psych outfit made up of a bunch of former-members-of. Shredding guitars, heavy riffs that will invade your brain, and enough innovation to make it more than just a replication of the late-'60s and early-'70s psych rock the band takes most of its cues from. There's reportedly a full-length in the works, and it can't come soon enough. Pick this one up.

The Velcro Shoes

Guitar rock in the '80s and '90s indie-rock vein, with seeming nods to The Cure and R.E.M. Lots of catchy stuff here, with a tight rhythm section laying the groundwork. Eric Emerson's vocals are usually a bit wavery in the Stephen Malkmus way, but at times they're a little too wavery — in a distracting way. Nothing a few production tricks couldn't help, though, and nothing that should keep you from giving it a spin. The title track is this EP's strongest.


This one came out a few months back but just came to our attention — nice electronic sound-collage stuff from a local solo artist. Some breaks and glitchy stuff, lots of world-music-style samples, and a great deal of texture and drama. It's the kind of listen that takes some effort, but is also kind of infectious — and very well done.

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