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New Releases

Recent music from The Turbosonics, Smooth Tutors and The Ghostwrite


The Turbosonics 
The Turbosonics 
(Amerison Records)

The point of surf rock is not so much to write songs as it is to shoot around some guitar riffs that encapsulate the rolling waves of the Pacific. The Turbosonics (a surf-rock trio despite being 300 miles from the nearest ocean) manage this well for 32 minutes, rarely slackening from an appropriately rollicking pace. Their all-instrumental, self-entitled studio debut features enough smoldering riffs to make you forget you've just heard the same song boomed around a different way eight times.

— Nick Keppler


Smooth Tutors/9dw
Split LP
(Harmony Society)

A split 12-inch vinyl-only release (there's not even a digital version!) between locals Smooth Tutors and Japanese band 9dw, issued by Harmony Society, the label run by 720 Music's Andrew Burger. Both sides are smooth and jazz-kissed; 9dw holds down more of a house-music vibe on the A-side, with funky synths and programmed drum beats, while Smooth Tutors offers more jazz fusion, with live drums, and on their first track, trumpet. Their second track, "Rhododendron," offers up more electro-funky stuff, with a decidedly math-y bent. An easy listen, but also complex and thoughtful.

— Andy Mulkerin


The Ghostwrite
Monster Punch

Full-length of folk-punk-style stuff from sometimes-Braddock/sometimes-Baltimore resident Robby Lester. Simple, catchy tunes featuring much of the genre's tried-and-true subject matter: politics, personal engagement, breaking veg at Long John Silver's. Some fun turns of phrase herein ("If you call me a liberal, I'll call you a knucklehead ... you fucking knucklehead").

— Andy Mulkerin

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