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New Releases

New music from Good Jeans, Wil Kondrich and Seconds Before Landing


Good Jeans

Good Jeans is the work of one guy, Derek January. This release is five tracks of atmospheric synth-pop and mid-paced dancey stuff with psychedelic elements. A good first effort, and a decent listen for those into the popular crop of post-Stereolab synth-heavy artists. 

Wil Kondrich
Faded Dreams

Five songs recorded with Tom Breiding, with help from Pittsburgh names like Bill Toms and Phil Brontz. Roots-rock and alt-country done by a young guy who's clearly inspired by old souls; sometime there's a little dissonance there, as if he needs a few years of whiskey and cigarettes before he can pull off this kind of music to perfection. A nice choice of cover song at the end — Warren Zevon's "My Ride's Here" — should indicate where Kondrich is coming from.


Seconds Before Landing
The Great Deception

Ambient/prog concept album about a dystopian future, featuring music by composer John Crispino. There are some big-name guests here — King Crimson's Trey Gunn, Vanilla Fudge's Tim Bogert — as well as respected locals, and it's all very well done. Lots of synths, effected guitars and ambient-sound samples. The Pink Floyd-style, super-serious concept thing isn't my bag, but Crispino pulled out all the stops for this one, and it's very affecting.

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