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New releases from Just Fern, Choo Jackson, and more

click to enlarge Screenshot from Juiced Up Joey's "More" music video
Screenshot from Juiced Up Joey's "More" music video
wwoman - "Eating Ass 2020"
In wwoman's first release of the year, "Eating Ass 2020," the alternative/indie artist takes listeners on a euphonious technicolor synth ride with their R&B stylings and smooth, whisper-like vocals. Sound familiar? It's a shorter and more polished version of "Eating Ass" released in 2017.

Just Fern - "DMT"

Slightly disjointed yet relaxing. That's the best way to describe Just Fern's latest single, "DMT."  Experimental, noisy flourishes keep you alert while the beat soothes and lulls.

Choo Jackson - TrailerBoy

Flush with bumping basslines, endearing slow songs, and vocals dripping with autotune, Choo Jackson's EP straddles the line between emo rap and trap.

Murder for Girls - "Honeycomb"

On May 15, indie punk rock band, Murder for Girls, will release its third full-length LP, Done in the Dark. The first track, "Honeycomb," is out now, and if it's indicative of the rest of the album, we can expect a frisky and unrelenting project.

Juiced Up Joey - "More"

It's only appropriate that the newly released music video for Juiced Up Joey's 2019 track "More" features the artist singing while a mask-clad blue-haired beauty dances in a close, sultry way. The strong backbeat and silky vocals will make you want to get intimate with someone, but please don't unless you're quarantined together.

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