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New releases from Glo Phase, James Wolff, Wiz Khalifa, and more

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Glo Phase - Mezzotint
After taking a departure from instrumental tracks last June with Fall Deep, an R&B album featuring the dreamy vocals of singer Jocelyn Rent, Glo Phase's downtempo electronic tunes are back in his latest release, Mezzotint. Written, mixed, and mastered by Glo Phase himself, aka Joseph Rusnak, Mezzotint takes listeners on a dreary, house and techno laden ride through Pittsburgh — like in the hypnotic "Tunnel Vision" or the short but sweet "Reverse Feelings." Save this one to listen to on a rainy day in the 'Burgh, as it pairs perfectly with cloudy skies and moody weather.

James Wolff - Nite Vision
Around this time last year, James Wolff teased listeners with the release of three singles, "Jackie," "Jimmy," and "Nite Vision." (The latter was listed as one of WYEP's top 10 local songs of 2019.) But then, he suddenly went silent, posting only sporadically throughout the year on social media. Wolff resurfaced earlier this month with his first EP, Nite Vision, featuring the three previously released singles, along with three new ones.

"You may have heard some of these songs before ... others, maybe not," Wolff wrote in a Facebook post announcing the EP. "I meant to release these a few months ago along with some other stuff, tho 2019 was rough, sure put a beatin on me!" he writes. "Some songs written 5 years ago, livin in my car right there on the Tennessee/Georgia border, some drivin up on thru Virginia under a wild full moon, others in various bedrooms around Pittsburgh, the city where these songs were finally realized on tape."

Boaz, Wiz Khalifa - "Gutter Rainbow"
Unlike some of his Pittsburgh-bred peers, Wiz Khalifa doesn't continuously rep Pittsburgh. He does, however, during "Gutter Rainbow," a collaboration with fellow Pittsburgh native, Boaz. Produced by Big Jerm, another Pittsburgher, the track starts out with the line "Pittsburgh Smooth" before diving into auto-tuned vocals and a jazz-driven beat.

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